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FL Dome 2 - The Middle Kingdom Spreads its Wings Freelancers are not subject to the mandatory health checks that are required of registered sex workers that operate in designated red light areas. They operate illegally outside of the system put in place to curb the spread of STDs. Proceed at your own risk.

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Old 06-07-2010, 09:48 PM
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Geylang budget bonk worth to do long time?

Tried a few times at geylang for cheap bonk. Those kind of 30bucks cheap bonk. Short time 20mins one shot. It was juz for the releasing of ur didi stress, not for GFE and etc. So i was curious about how they perform in bed, if they are in beta service or poor. So i tok to the OKT and ask if can bring to hotel for long time. 2hrs, 2shot. Some gals canot bring to hotel for long time bt some can. Luckily the OKT we know for quite sometime and he allowed. So to be fair i tried 3 different countries. Thai, Viet, and fillipina. And to be even fair, I tried each of the OKT hot gem. and two normal ones. so i had the hot gem of Thai, Viet, and Pinoy. So i tried bonking 9 of thems in two mths. Pocket burn one big hole. Anyway. out of the 9, only 1 serviced not bad. Bt no BBBJ, all BJ wif caps on. Pussy dry, even when wet oso awhile only. Frenching mostly ok wif it, Bt boring and dull. Most of the time u do the job. Try to get her arouse, can bt arouse only a little while. Licking of pussy can. Bt i dun dare. Shld noe la ah....haha. So we got some TCSS mah. They all rather, perhaps i muz say, they all purposely drag the TCSS cos they dun wan to do. All said the same ting, They really would love to do sometimes, bt juz dat they are damn tired. And often they feel pain and numbness on their pussy. Their working hrs starts at 2pm(latest) and as early as 10am. Duno ware they go to start work. They oso dun wan say.

So concluded, Geylang budget bonks are really nt suitable for long time and more shots. Its really nt worth it and painful to ur wallet. Cos my wallet nw damn hungry. Bt its ur didi is so hungry, and u cant find any FL available at dat timing. Well dats the best place i muz agree. The gals are poor ting, nice gals. So bros out der take good care of them and enjoys

Hope its this post is someting useful. Its a regretful experience
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